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Special Needs

Using the best of technology creativity and empathy


inhibit dyslexia in your children

Parenting is hard enough but if you are dyslexic then there are other concerns. One main issue is reducing the likelihood that dyslexia will develop in your children.


free ADD/ADHD on line coach

Check out our free ADD/ADHD on line coach. Let us help you get you life together with exercise, relationships, nutrition, medication, therapy and effective goal setting. Hard to live with? We also have a support group for the spouses/partners of people with ADD/ADHD. Help on the job, download a letter to employers, parenting and the support you need.


social skills and self esteem

When your child has a special need, he may also need help developing his self esteem and social skills.


dyslexia in your life

Careers, techniques and programs, parenting and the support you need.


spellchecker for dyslexics

Which wich is witch? We are making a spellchecker for dyslexics and really bad spellers - coming soon.


life support

Need a hand getting through relationships, work and life in general? Try our life support system.

teaching religious_LD_children

religious with LD

If you are religious then you may have specific special needs. Find out about our task force to teach religious childen with learning disabilities.


Trouble finding recipes that are diabetic, gluten-free and kosher? Get a recipe book that is tailor-made for your allergies, dietary requirements and your tastes.


deaf with LD

How can a deaf child with a learning disability master sign language, and communicate with others? The Special Needs Company is forming a task force to help these children.


be a part of it

Let your pet project benefit from our resources.

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